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Think-Pair-Share: Fun Alternatives

An important part of learning is not just sharing what you know with someone else, but being able to talk about how you arrived at a certain conclusion or state of knowing. Research supports the idea that students learn better from someone who is at a similar level of knowledge (peer), as opposed to a person that has a deep knowledge of a subject (teacher), as long as there is proper guidance. Activities that promote this type of sharing can be very powerful learning tools.

This article from, We Are Teachers, suggest 10 fun alternatives to the traditional Think-Pair-Share activities. These suggestions are excellent way to get students thinking, reflecting, and building confidence in what they know. Once you have completed reading the resource, make sure to come back and mark it complete.

Collection Extension: Students sharing with each other

If you are following along with the Innovative Learners Series: Share collection, one of the suggested activities in this resource is Team Huddle, a great whole-class activity for team building and relationship strengthening. Now is a great time to try some technology with this type of Think-Pair-Share activity:   

  • What is a way that you could utilize Kahoot! or a similar digital resource to make this game more interactive?

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