As educators, we are constantly trying to find new ways to package learning in engaging and inspiring ways.  The pressure is on to create 21st Century learning experiences for our students that include collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and opportunities to communicate learning.  But how can we do all of these things AND ensure students are learning the required standards and content?

Enter: HyperDocs!  HyperDocs are interactive lessons typically packed in a Google Document or Google Slides.  When used effectively, HyperDocs lessons can transform blended learning classrooms into inspired, engaging places of student-directed learning!

By following along in this collection, you'll find resources that help you see and learn:

  • What HyperDocs are and are not
  • Real classroom examples of how teachers and students use HyperDocs
  • Tutorials and resources on how to create a HyperDoc
  • Ready-to-use HyperDoc templates and lessons
  • Tools to evaluate the HyperDocs you find or create

Happy HyperDocing!