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Cult of Pedagogy: Are You a Curator or a Dumper?

Contributor: Pyxis Team

In a 1:1 educational world, an increasing number of teachers are moving away from their textbooks and towards a content curation style of instruction.  Through the use of classroom technology, the number of resources we can share with our students has multiplied exponentially.  However, this vast catalogue of resources can be overwhelming for both teacher and student.  What are the best practices for curating content in your classroom? 

Jennifer Gonzalez tackles this issue in a blog post on Cult of Pedagogy.  This resource will direct you to an article where she challenges teachers to ask themselves:  Am I a curator or a dumper?  Are you dumping too much content on your students, or curating the best resources for their consumption?  She outlines 6 easy steps to make sure your curating the best information for your students.

  1. Keep the Best, Lose the Rest
  2. Chunk It
  3. Add Your Own Instructions
  4. Use Images and Anchors
  5. Polish Your Hyperlinks
  6. Always, Always Build in White Space

Gonzalez also gives some examples of scenarios where content curation would be helpful, as well as some online tools to help you organize the content.

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