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Say Hello to PyxisEdu!

Contributor: Pyxis Team

Welcome! we are glad you stopped by.

PyxisEdu is a new learning experience for teachers. We like to think teachers will come inside because we have made Pyxis more useful than other PD, and hopefully more fun. PyxisEdu is a personalized learning platform full of short, easily accessible resources that are grounded in solid instructional practices. No more long boring courses! Pyxis is easy to use, and you can get access to professional learning anytime, night or day. Here are more reasons you'll love Pyxis:


  • Users can easily use tags to quickly filter out the resources they need, and what they find most interesting. Using this unique system of tags, Pyxis recommends resources based on profile preferences. Districts can set tags and assign resources specific to school initiatives and areas of focus.

Curated Context

  • Our experts find the most relevant content that teachers need, saving them hours of combing through YouTube. Most importantly, we connect the resources to practical examples, provide resources for deeper exploration, and suggest guiding questions that help a user see the relevance of the tool or technique in their own classroom.


  • Teachers don’t have to worry about logging professional learning hours independently. Pyxis will track completed resources, and users can easily print out PDF reports that can be submitted for license renewal.  There is also a badging system built into Pyxis that allows technology trainers or school administrators to create a positive professional learning culture.

Your school needs an account to enjoy all the awesome features of Pyxis. You can find out more about how to get access by scheduling  a demo at Five-Star Technology Solutions' website. In the meantime, take a look at our video, or you can check out some more of our FREE resources!

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